Affiliate Program

Let me ask you a question:

Do you watch TV of do you know of someone who does?  Research has shown that those who watch TV hate two things, their cable bill and commercials! What if I could show you how it would be possible to eliminate both – Would you be interested?

make-money-with-legacy-directClick on the image above to learn what our program is all about.

As you share your new business adventure with Legacy Direct and the BTVi3 your friends will learn how easy it is to stream everything – over 250,000 on demand TV shows and Movies, live TV, live sporting events, and more.  They will have a lifetime of unlimited entertainment for a one-time fee of $399. They will simply be amazed at your BTVi3 Media Player experience, and they will begin to  tell their family, friends and neighbors what they have found – and they will want to enjoy the BTVi3 Media Player experience for themselves.  This is what happened with us, and it’s awesome to see how excited people are, and how many people we know who can’t wait to have their own BTVi3 media box.

Now the most important question is this: Would you like them to buy a BTVi3 streaming media player from you or someone else?

If you want your friends and neighbors to buy a BTVi3 from someone else, just send them our way (click here to Contact Us), and we will take great care of them.  However, if you have been looking for a way to generate extra income, become a Legacy Direct affiliate. For a limited time, the cost is ONLY 49.00 to become an affiliate.  Click on the button below to get all the information you need to potentially change your life.  Or go to our Three Ways to Get Started page to sign up for this amazing opportunity today! Or just click on the Join the Team button below.



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