Streaming Media Player

BTV Media Player:  The Most Powerful Media Player in the World!

The BTV Media Player gives you the ability to stream over 250,000 Movies, TV Shows and original content, plus access to your favorite apps like NetFlix, Hulu, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pandore and more.  It turns your TV into a Smart TV, and gives you the ability to surf the Internet from your TV.  Skype, share photos and more!

You will get access to KidsZone, educational programing, and national and international sporting events.

Watch this video to see a live demo of the BTV Media Player:

Simple plug-and-play installation.  No popups, trojan horses or viruses.  Say Goodbye to your Cable and Satellite TV Bills.  No monthly charges or service fees.

Call or text me, or the person who shared this with you, for more info or to get started with your own BTV Media Player!